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When and Where We’re On

The pages of Woodsmith magazine come alive on your local public TV station.

To discover if and when the Woodsmith Shop is available in your area, type in your zip code below and click "Find Showtimes".

Find Showtime Information

Canadian viewers - please check your local listings.

At this time, the "Woodsmith Shop" is only available for distribution to United States public television stations. If you are a StarChoice customer in Canada, the "Woodsmith Shop" can be seen on channel 364 (WTVS - Detroit). Please click here to visit the StarChoice website for show dates and times.

If you live near enough to the border to receive the signal from another U.S. public television station, you may be able to watch the "Woodsmith Shop." To find out if it is on a nearby U.S. station, type in the zip code from that city in the form above. If you do not know the zip code, you can visit the United States Postal Service website to find a zip code for the U.S. city that is closest to you.

Thank you, and we hope to be able to broadcast to all of our neighbors in Canada in the future.

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Find Your Station

Refer to the list below to find your local public television station.

LocationStation NamePhone #Contact Via
Albuquerque, NM KNME (505) 277-1220 Contact Page
Atlanta, GA WGTV (404) 685-2389 Contact Page
Atlanta, GA WPBA (678) 686-0321 Contact Page
Austin, TX KLRU (512) 471-4811 Contact Page
Baltimore, MD WMPB (410) 356-5600 Contact Page
Baltimore, MD WMPT (410) 581-4097 Email
Birmingham, AL WBIQ (800) 239-5233 Contact Page
Birmingham, AL WCIQ (800) 239-5233 Contact Page
Boston, MA WGBH (617) 300-5400 Contact Page
Charlotte, NC WTVI (704) 372-2442 Contact Page
Charlotte, NC WUNE (888) 292-7070 Contact Page
Charlotte, NC WUNG (888) 292-7070 Contact Page
Chicago, IL WYCC (773) 487-1327 Contact Page
Cincinnati, OH WCET (513) 381-4033 Contact Page
Cincinnati, OH WPTO (937) 220-1600 Contact Page
Cleveland, OH WVIZ (216) 916-6301 Contact Page
Cleveland, OH WEAO (330) 678-0688 Contact Page
Columbus, OH WOSU (614) 292-9678 Contact Page
Dallas, TX KERA (214) 740-9272 Contact Page
Denver, CO KRMA (800) 274-6666 Contact Page
Denver, CO KRMZ (800) 274-6666 Contact Page
Detroit, MI WTVS (248) 305-3900 Contact Page
Grand Rapids, MI WGVK (800) 442-2771 Contact Page
Grand Rapids, MI WGVU (800) 442-2771 Contact Page
Greensboro, NC WUNL (919) 549-7000 Contact Page
Greenvll-Spartan, SC WNTV (803) 737-3200 Contact Page
Greenvll-Spartan, SC WNEH (803) 737-3200 Contact Page
Greenvll-Spartan, SC WRET (803) 737-3200 Contact Page
Greenvll-Spartan, SC WUNF (888) 292-7070 Contact Page
Harrisburg-Lancaster, PA WITF (717) 704-3000 Contact Page
Hartford, CT WEDH (860) 275-7550 Contact Page
Hartford, CT WEDY (860) 275-7550 Contact Page
Houston, TX KUHT (713) 743-8488 Contact Page
Indianapolis, IN WFYI (317) 715-2090 Contact Page
Indianapolis, IN WIPB (765) 285-1249 Contact Page
Indianapolis, IN WTIU (812) 855-5900 Contact Page
Jacksonville, FL WJCT (904) 353-7770 Contact Page
Kansas City, MO KCPT (816) 756-3580 Contact Page
Las Vegas, NV KLVX (702) 799-1010 Contact Page
Los Angeles, CA KOCE (714) 241-4100 Contact Page
Los Angeles, CA KVCR (909) 384-4444 Contact Page
Louisville, KY WKMJ (859) 258-7259 Contact Page
LocationStation NamePhone #Contact Via
Louisville, KY WKPC (859) 258-7259 Contact Page
Louisville, KY WKZT (859) 258-7259 Contact Page
Memphis, TN WKNO (901) 458-2521 Contact Page
North Miami, FL WPBT (305) 949-8321 Contact Page
Milwaukee, WI WMVT (414) 297-7520 Contact Page
Milwaukee, WI WMVS (414) 297-7520 Contact Page
Minneapolis, MN KTCA (651) 229-1330 Contact Page
Minneapolis, MN KAWB (218) 751-3407 Contact Page
Bemidji, MN KAWE Email
Minneapolis, MN KTCI (651) 229-1330 Contact Page
Minneapolis, MN KWCM (800) 726-3178 Contact Page
Nashville, TN WNPT (615) 259-9325 Contact Page
New York, NY WLIW (212) 560.8021 Contact Page
New York, NY WEDW (800) 683-1899 Contact Page
Norfolk, VA WHRO (757) 889-9400 Contact Page
Oklahoma City, OK KETA (800) 879.6382 Contact Page
Orlando, FL WDSC (800) 638-9238 Email
Philadelphia, PA WHYY (215) 923-WHYY Contact Page
Philadelphia, PA WLVT (610) 867-4677 Email
Phoenix, AZ KAET (602) 496-2308 Contact Page
Pittsburgh, PA WQED (412) 622-1370 Contact Page
Portland, OR KOPB (800) 241.8123 Contact Page
Portland, OR KTVR (800) 241.8123 Contact Page
Raleigh-Durham, NC WUNC (888) 292-7070 Contact Page
Raleigh-Durham, NC WUNP (888) 292-7070 Contact Page
Sacramento, CA KVIE (800) 347-5843 Contact Page
Salt Lake City, UT KUED (801) 581-3064 Contact Page
Provo, UT KBYU Contact Page
Salt Lake City, UT KUES (801) 581-3064 Contact Page
Salt Lake City, UT KUEW (801) 581-3064 Contact Page
San Antonio, TX KLRN (800) 627-8193 Contact Page
San Diego, CA KPBS (888) 399-5727 Contact Page
San Francisco, CA KQED (415) 553-2135 Contact Page
Rohnert Park, CA KRCB (707) 584-2000 Contact Page
Seattle, WA KCTS Contact Page
Tacoma, WA KBTC Email
St. Louis, MO KETC (314) 512-9199 Contact Page
Tampa, FL WUSF (813) 905-6911 Contact Page
Tampa, FL WEDU (800) 354-9338 Contact Page
Washington, DC WFPT (800) 356-5600 Contact Page
Washington, DC WWPB (800) 356-5600 Contact Page
West Palm, FL WXEL (800) 915-9935 Contact Page

Don't See Your Station?

Enter your two-letter state abbreviation below to search for stations in your area.

Canadian viewers - please check your local listings.
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