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Kreg Tool Company is a leading U.S. manufacturer of quality woodworking tools and an innovative voice in the larger woodworking community. In 1989, Kreg pioneered the original Kreg Jig®, helping to bring the speed, strength, and simplicity of Pocket-Screw Joinery to the weekend woodworker. Through a commitment to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and world-class customer service, the Kreg Jig® has grown in popularity and is currently used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to build amazing projects with less time and effort than ever before.

Today, whether you’re cutting, joining, or shaping wood, Kreg provides a wide variety of woodworking tools to help you get the job done faster, easier, and with greater precision than ever before. Just as the Kreg Jig® re-wrote the rules of wood joinery, Kreg’s line of Klamp System components, Precision Machine Accessories, and all new Precision Routing Products, help to improve the way you work at every step of the project.

Kreg products are currently sold in hundreds of fine woodworking stores and home centers around the United States. For more information on these products, including videos, tips, and project ideas, visit www.kregtool.com today.


The gold standard in woodworking was not always gold on the outside. In 1921, the first POWERMATIC® tool, a planer, was produced by Leonard F. Smith, Sr. a lumber dealer in Tennessee. Originally painted green, the planer was built to perform for long durations in the most challenging environments. Just five planers were produced in the first year due to the painstaking level of passion put into the manufacturing process. Demand for these machines grew and the legend of POWERMATIC was born.

POWERMATIC soon became known as the gold standard in woodworking for its tremendous performance and durability. It would be years to come before the exterior of each machine reflect its interior gold excellence.

Today, each machine maintains its connection to the high quality standards established in its founding day. That’s why, time and again, cabinetmakers and craftsmen turn to us to fill their shop. Visit Powermatic.com, or better yet, just put a new POWERMATIC tool in your shop today and you’ll find out why POWERMATIC is The Gold Standard Since 1921


Old Masters is an industry leader in the creation, distribution and promotion of craftsman quality stains and finishes. Since 1953, Old Masters has continued to move forward focused on quality with an inventive nature of distinctive wood finishes for the woodworker, contractor or do-it-yourselfer. Today we have nationwide distribution and a comprehensive stain and finish program to service an industry committed to the beautification and protection of all wood species and wood simulated surfaces such as fiberglass, etc.

We are the only company to offer 5 distinctly different stain types in the same 15 shades with unprecedented tint capabilities thru intermixing or adding colorants to create endless opportunities of color creation and matching. With most stain companies, the colors they offer are all you get. What Old Masters gives you is the ability to take any color we offer and have the dealer tint it to match your work. Why settle for close, when you can achieve a perfect match. A superior breadth of clear coatings and woodcare products has been developed to provide an all-inclusive brand. Our focus has always been and will continue to be the quality of our products. Our products make us a truly unique company.

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