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About Kreg

Kreg® Tool Company creates solutions that give woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers the confidence to create their own projects. In addition to their well-known Kreg Jig® pocket-hole jigs, Kreg also offers solutions for measuring and marking, cutting, joining, clamping, routing, hardware installation, and creating a workspace. In addition, Kreg offers educational resources through newsletters, social media, as well as online through BuildSomething.com, a community for passionate project builders, and the Kreg Owners’ Community. Kreg products are available throughout North America and in select international locations through local dealers, home centers, and online retailers. Kreg Tool Company is headquartered in Huxley, Iowa.

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About Old Masters

At Old Masters we have the distinct pleasure of producing some of the finest stains and finishes available. We think they’re the best. And although they won’t solve international problems like world peace, they have limitless capacity to solve your staining and finishing dilemmas. And they don’t just fix problems. They have the ability to spark your imagination. No, we haven’t bottled creativity, but we’re certain once you see what our products can do, you’ll be dreaming about your next project. Above all, our products work harder and last longer. We’re driven by this statement: the most expensive product you’ll ever buy is the one that doesn’t work. We’re inspired to create products that work right the first time. That’s why Old Masters and the woodworking community go hand in hand. We’re committed to producing the best product for you, every time.

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About Powermatic

The gold standard in woodworking was not always gold on the outside. In 1921, the first POWERMATIC® tool, a planer, was produced by Leonard F. Smith, Sr. a lumber dealer in Tennessee. Originally painted green, the planer was built to perform for long durations in the most challenging environments. Just five planers were produced in the first year due to the painstaking level of passion put into the manufacturing process. Demand for these machines grew and the legend of POWERMATIC was born.

POWERMATIC soon became known as the gold standard in woodworking for its tremendous performance and durability. It would be years to come before the exterior of each machine reflect its interior gold excellence.

Today, each machine maintains its connection to the high quality standards established in its founding day. That’s why, time and again, cabinetmakers and craftsmen turn to us to fill their shop. Visit Powermatic.com, or better yet, just put a new POWERMATIC tool in your shop today and you’ll find out why POWERMATIC is The Gold Standard Since 1921

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About Titebond

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About Tools For Opportunity

Tools change lives. Tools for Opportunity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working hard to help woodworkers in some of the poorest areas of the world build a better life for their families and communities. We provide woodworking tools and practical training to help craftsmen work their way out of poverty through their own skill and hard work. This is not charity. The woodworkers earn their new tools by volunteering their labor to build a project for their community, church, or a neighbor in need. Please help us give these craftsmen not only tools, but the dignity and respect that come from helping build a better world for all of us.

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