Season 11, Episode 1111 : Aired on Nov. 28, 2017 Episode Preview

Tray Centerpiece & Table Saw Sleds

An elegant tray centerpiece starts from a single block of wood. And get better results at your table saw with a crosscut sled you can build in an afternoon.

Episode 1111 Plans:

Kreg Shelf Pin Jig

Table Saw Sleds

Curved Tray Centerpiece

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Season 11 Episodes

Episode 1

Season 11: Episode 1
Details of Craftsmanship

Episode 2

Season 11: Episode 2
Small Project Assembly

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Season 11: Episode 3
Adding Details & Tower Bookcase Assembly

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Season 11: Episode 4
Curved Lids & Face Frames

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Combination Router Table & Custom Molding

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Router Table Cabinet & Final Details

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Router Table Top

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Season 11: Episode 8
Scalloped Lid Box

Episode 9

Season 11: Episode 9
Horizontal Routing

Episode 10

Season 11: Episode 10
Mortising Jig & Box Assembly

Episode 11

Season 11: Episode 11
Tray Centerpiece & Table Saw Sleds

Episode 12

Season 11: Episode 12
Project Wrap-Up

Episode 13

Season 11: Episode 13
Classic Tips & Tricks

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