Season 15, Episode 1512 : Aired on Video Extra

Logs to Lumber

For Logan Wittmer, woodworking starts right at the tree. On this episode, he shares about his portable sawmill, cutting trees into boards and getting them ready for a project. Along the way, you’ll discover how to work with a sawyer and save money while finding wood you can’t buy anywhere else.

Season 15 Episodes

Season 15, Episode 1: Compact Home Office
Season 15: Episode 1
Compact Home Office
Season 15, Episode 2: Build a Better Bookcase
Season 15: Episode 2
Build a Better Bookcase
Season 15, Episode 3: Top-Notch Table Saw Jigs
Season 15: Episode 3
Top-Notch Table Saw Jigs
Season 15, Episode 4: Quick & Easy Band Sawn Boxes
Season 15: Episode 4
Quick & Easy Band Sawn Boxes
Season 15, Episode 5: Patio Planter
Season 15: Episode 5
Patio Planter
Season 15, Episode 6: Easy-to-Build Workshop Organizers
Season 15: Episode 6
Easy-to-Build Workshop Organizers
Season 15, Episode 7: Clever Craft Center
Season 15: Episode 7
Clever Craft Center
Season 15, Episode 8: Entryway Essentials
Season 15: Episode 8
Entryway Essentials
Season 15, Episode 9: Best Ever Tool Cart
Season 15: Episode 9
Best Ever Tool Cart
Season 15, Episode 10: Outdoor Dining Table
Season 15: Episode 10
Outdoor Dining Table
Season 15, Episode 11: Jimmy Clewes Turns
Season 15: Episode 11
Jimmy Clewes Turns
Season 15, Episode 12: Logs to Lumber
Season 15: Episode 12
Logs to Lumber
Season 15, Episode 13: High-Tech Woodworking
Season 15: Episode 13
High-Tech Woodworking

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